Thursday, August 19, 2010

prescott AZ

while driving north in search of trees we happen to arrive upon the lovely town of prescott arizona where all able beings coalesce midday upon half a dozen or so clean and spacious central streets along with tourists such as ourselves given to occasional snacking or random photography of local events like period reenactment of ok corral in tombstone itself much further south by the way with men in black hats and ladies in complete period regalia of fluffy puffy ripple stockings and sleeves and we might enjoy that and be there or have a lunch of bbq briskets in the palace enjoying a sarsparilla pouring and dudes banging out a gershwin or honky tonk on the upright piano as a gesture of community spirit or the passing through of quiet well manicured city streets with gleaming white balusters plinths and on the cornice rests a copper birdbath below the hung american flag oh and did you know pat benatar will be performing here tonight really yes down at the honda dealership along with reo speedwagon and special guests great i'll need something new for the occasion then let's find ourselves at a hat store and try on boonies and panamas and fedoras and this one your mother likes especially.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jacket 40

My review of Aaron Belz' new book, Lovely, Raspberry, is now available for viewing in Jacket, issue 40.

Special thanks to John Tranter, and also Aaron Belz!
His blog, if you haven't seen it before, is here: