Sunday, April 20, 2008

Audioscape - The Day is Coming

Here's one from the Lou journal I thought I 'd keep. So I call this an "audioscape", which has nothing to do with The Audioscape Project, although that is interesting in itself. What happens is the words are performed over the song, kind of like in spoken word, but the timing has to be as exact as possible, since there are tempo cues. Ideally I would like to perform this with other artists who are interested in similar material, possibly put a collection together.

Here is the song. On the Pure Trance cd it says this is the Talla2XLC remix, but if you look for that on youtube, you get a different mix, so the Pure Trance people must have mistyped.


0:05 SKY

The trouble began when I told Saddam Hussein I wanted to marry his cousin, Dima. She was 18 and I was 21 at the time - deep down we were ready.

Dima had a voice like a soft pillow, and eyes that could halt a cat in the dark. I was in love, young, fearless, and I would have died to make her happy.

I had a house on a hillside all ready

Her brother gave us money and fruit trees as a gift. The cake, the dress, everything was ready. But when Saddam found out her real age – he became violent
secret police found us, the wedding – canceled, Dima had to flee, and I was banned from my job, and my house, and had to join the Republican Guard.

It was 1991,and the Army promised us the World. Marching in 100 degrees, scorpions, cheap guns from Russia, constant fly-over of aircraft, fifteen dollars a month - who could ask for more?

I wrote my sweetie on napkins stolen from Kuwait City Hospital. I wrote her every day describing my love in detail, ah the things we would do, the pleasures..oh Dima

I would describe our children growing up with true love for their country, water in the well, and vitamin C - I had it planned out. The paint for their rooms, the schools. The boys would join the national football team

One day she wrote back – saying she’s begging to believe in - reincarnation. She said – I don’t know if past lives are true, but I hope so – because if so, future lives are true also and I would like another life to live again, another chance..

I wrote- Dima, – no! In this life you will be happy - because I will be free after the Americans are beaten!

But - Saddam intercepted these letters - bastard! Not only this, but the war had

2:08 SKY

..and we were losing. My soldiers and I, fleeing from shell-fire one day, ran to the riverbed, I took refuge.

A paperback novel floating by – I pick it up, it is "Lies & Diamonds," Saddam's best-seller – revised

I looked, and in chapter 9, after Saddam conquers Rome - the text, the love-note to my lady, Dima. There it was..Word for Word.

I threw the book away.

Gunfire! I looked over the river and saw American troops approaching

A voice cried “help!” – it was an American pilot shot down. I raced over to his burning plane, pulling him free – he said to me, “al’ikud al-salaam”, then he died.

I covered his eyes and took an American flag out of his jacket. And, wrapping myself in it, I threw my rifle away, I threw my grenades away, I took a deep breath, and I ran toward the approaching troops and cried –

I surrender! I surrender!

America the beautiful! I love baseball! I vote! I vote for Jesus!”


And they welcomed me with open arms, my new brothers

Dima is still in Iraq, and I will return one day.

Every day I train, I raise my rifle, I get an education at a California school.
I learn English. I save my money, and
some night, when I look out over the calm blue ocean that faces Japan,
I think of Dima, and how she is over there, still
In that country
And my heart beats quicker..but it isn’t always out of love
Some nights It is out of hate

I will return, Saddam Hussein, yes, the day is coming

The day is coming

The day is coming

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