Saturday, June 7, 2008

Note on Previous Publications

I realize that the links to my work are, in most cases, expired or not directly referential. This is because most of my publications are from 1999- 2001. From 03-06 I mostly blogged, some of that material I still have, but some has been lost to the sands of Time. Within the boundary of the Mediterranean Scrub of Time are some of this earlier material.

In order of appearance, then, a note summarizing these things:

Baja Fresh - I wrote a few speeches for a gal in their HR department - who didn't like to give speeches. I was rewarded not just with cash, but also burritos. Hooray for burritos!

Other Magazine - poetry (this one is pretty recent)

Beathustler Radio - in San Francisco, this one was from spring 2005, an audio recording of four stories, including a modernized buddhist parable, details of my trip to New Orleans and an audioscape about the 4th Amendment, wherein I basically bombast the text of the 4th Amendment in the vain hope someone in the gubberment would, as they should, hear and find it important. Also on my mind that week were the recent deaths of Hunter Thompson and my uncle Barry, a progressive presbyterian minister who had his own interesting take on the 60s.

Cherry Bleeds - I published a short story called "party van" sometime in 99 or so, before Tony Du Shane started archiving in the way he does now. Mr. DuShane has done marvelous things with the humble template he has there, in the time since. Cherry Bleeds used to be subtitled "life affirming stories by suicidal writers". I have never been suicidal, but I found his magazine life-affirming (even though its all in black - go figure)

Orble blog 2006 - three light essays on science advocacy. They seemed to like it in Australia.

Perry's Joint - co-led a brief open mic there in 2003. This place is in Japantown, San Francisco, and they had great ice cream. Today it is under new ownership, and my budz from that scene have all moved on. Great memory tho, I got to read a lot of cool "epic" stuff when I was in that phase

formerly Imaginary Friends - Technically, after my absence, and the departure of the ladies as well, they reformed the group under the name Uphill Both Ways, added some people, and went on to produce a series of funny shows (from what I hear - I only got up to see one sometime in 04) Personal financial difficulties kept me away from the scene. But it was an adventure in sketch comedy, wherein I did manage to write, act in and direct a few things.

Xircom - wrote a few articles for an inhouse corporate newsletter. This was really "back in the day" and may have been my first publishing credit.

Meera Fox Photography - not exactly writing, but mostly videography for a production involving victims of abuse. She is a photographer part-time and an attorney during the week.

Hoard Magazine - they published my poetry several times in 1999-2000, as well as a few journalistic articles later.

There were a couple others, but these are zines or theater groups that were brief and have also disappeared. If you count the theatrical material, I've been "published" somewhere between 15-20 times. I've been looking for some of the people I knew in Oakland but I can't remember the last name of the guy who had a collaborative venture there. Usually I'm good with names, so this is a surprise for me. *it'll come** Also leaving out specifically folks in video production, since in that period I did have more of a video production focus, and writing was something I took less seriously. It bears repeating that should any of those editors happen to discover my blog (I have lost touch with some people) I am once again very much grateful for your assistance in the launching of my humble career.

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