Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A party

Wanted to note that I had a very enjoyable time at a party this Sunday, hosted by Mark Wallace
and Lorraine Graham. Also at this event: Michael Davidson the UCSD professor and co-author of Leningrad. Jerome Rothenberg was there, and his wife. Also Rae Armentrout - who doesn't have a blog to my knowledge but this link may suffice just to identify her, and her -friend? Chuck.

How great to meet so many professional writers and teachers. Some of whom have blogs out here, others do not. Sorry if I left anyone out who would like to be mentioned - I just don't know where your blog is. I was glad for the conversation, and the beer, and the hummus, and to meet as well the enterprising parrot Lester.


mark wallace said...

It was great you could come, Doug. Chuck and Rae have been married a long time, by the way.

I look forward to seeing you at fall readings, if of course you can make them.

skyplumber said...

Mark, thanks.
I look forward to those as well.