Wednesday, February 4, 2009

war against imagination, linked from HCP

This is linked from the Henry Corbin Project:

I remember reading this DiPrima piece aloud at a reading in Oakland - 02 I think,and it got a mixed response. Part of the problem was that the event organizers, I learned later, were losing the warehouse where they were keeping everyones paintings, and where incidentally this reading was occurring, so maybe they felt at that evening that the war against the imagination had taken a blow. But it could have just been that girls feel like this is more of a girl poem and boys shouldnt be performing it.

But it could be more of a faux pas in terms of the legacy, and by that I mean DiPrima is making more of a Culture War-relevant statement about the imperiled Imagination, and since I wasnt really groovin past Henry Huggins in 1985, when it was written, I cant really speak to it, although today I feel like I understand the arguments.

Originally I heard of the poem through a friend. I dont know how the war against the imagination fares for him today. I dont hang out with poets, he told me once.

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cielo fontanero said...

I should add that this person has a list of people he doesn't hang out with