Thursday, September 17, 2009


don't fish the stick-ups. metaphors are one thing, upgrading one's software is another. open to discussions on practicality. on all levels. oh hai - didn't see you there. i'm here to tell you that in the future, there will be future. he's sleeping it off. this is the common response to problems. i can't because i have to take care of people even more selfish than me. when one is responsible with the symbols, one gets the knowledge, maybe. a boomerang is a better model. leather-bound volumes still make me happy. nothing too different from what has already been invested into. (the devil that i know) biochemistry changes, climate a factor. only four miles from the famous one. still looking for the 60s version. new age means at a fundamental level 'you can heal yourself.' needed a hobby. twenty gets eighty. every industry. dream in which Robert Nozick appeared at a carnival. it was never 'kill mom, marry dad.' the gladness of invisible boats. buenos zebra. even frozen foods go bad. can you not do that, please? its a consequence of the actual ability to walk on both sides. don't lasso the names. don't lasso anything. to stop holding up puppets. more of an adventurous, more of a curious. two prototypes. framing begets more framing. starts reaching across me. turning into a little boy. not waiting for steve. aim high. assumptions don't make an ass - they in fact make nothing. it likely will not be read. a waiter serving empty plates. more dad issues. check the thermostat. gimmicks. he actually didn't care if they got caught, and it matters. how to get the lights to come on.