Friday, November 6, 2009


indians. frontier. tea. taxes. revolution. laws. punishment. capital punishment. ben franklin. inventions. original sin. deism. chattels. status. slaves. gunpowder. powder.powdered wigs. portraits. empathy. monarchy. rights of man. tight clothing. individualism. novels. autonomy. salons. agriculture. ocean exploration. debt. scurvy. sugar. trade. louis xvi. monarchy. hessians. kant. self-evidence. england. france. ireland. farmers. humanity. enlightenment. rum. silk. men. women. voltaire. rousseau. holland. 18th century. mozart. thomas jefferson. interracial love. manifest destiny. destiny. redcoats. put on a decent shirt and shave. soap. sanitation. bathing. baths. odours. lanterns. quakers. shakers. -ammunitarians. guns. cannon. dueling. cherry oak floors. candle light. green mountain boys. giving a speech. the body. science. secret meetings in swamps. betsy ross. corsets. bonnets. discussion. penal reform. nationalism. handkerchiefs. army almost out of money. the general historie of the pyrates. bayonets. representation. classical. flags. snakes. separatism. dont tread on me. stars. songs. flutes. rockets red glare. all scoundrels (no refuge). horses. horseback riding. barns. battles. more to come.

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