Monday, May 18, 2009


by Alice Notley

I like this a lot. Don't you know who you sound like? yeah I've heard that in many writers groups. It might be a resemblance to Grover C. Anderson maybe? Which is worse, that, or when someone says with just a glance: 'you don't sound like anyone I know and therefore I'm scared of you. are you a muslim or something?'


Richard Taylor said...

'Disobedience' - I got this from our local library - read it twice. I really like the energy of Notley's language...

Regards, Richard

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Doug said...

Hi Richard

I am not familiar with her work.

so far so good

Richard Taylor said...

But you have a Blog entry about her book!

She was associated with Ted Berrigan.
She is in the (Paul Hoover ed.) "Postmodern American Poetry" book.

Doug said...

I think I saw her name somewhere, don't remember where..

there are so many interesting poets to read..i wish i could clone myself. Maybe Mr. Sisel is at work on a cloning machine also :)

Richard Taylor said...

Yes - the are a lot. Which poets are you interested in mostly?

Sisel might be able to help you! It's a crazy world!

Cheers, Richard

Anonymous said...

I really don't look for people, I look for topics and styles. If I get interested in a certain topic I'll look for writers who are writing on it.

Anonymous said...

that was me, blogger is misbehaving tonight